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  • Full Time
  • Limburg
  • Contact: +31 610 456 160

Job description

Are you a junior or senior mechanic who would like to work for a larger and professional organisation?

The client is a recognised installation company that has been serving a wide range of customers for more than 50 years. They design, install and maintain installations for central heating, mechanical ventilation and air treatment with heat recovery, etc. As a professional installer, they pay much attention to quality.

Job requirements

As a plumber, you will be working on a wide variety of projects. Think of residential construction, commercial construction, housing corporations and industry. Here, you have the choice to indicate which projects are most suitable for you as a person.

What are your duties?

 Studying work drawings, regulations, product information and being able to carry out relevant work with the right tools and materials.

Determining the position of (pipe) installations, connecting components and other parts.

Being able to measure, cut, bend and connect (pipe) lines in the correct size and angle with the aid of (electrical) appliances.

Maintenance and repair of installations.

Checking for possible future leaks and correcting errors made.

Documenting work by means of work reports.

Job requirements

You preferably have a diploma at MBO level 2 for installation technology,

If you do not have a degree in installation technology, you must have at least 3 years of relevant work experience,

 You are in possession of a driving licence B.


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