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Service and Maintenance Employee

  • Full Time
  • Parkstad – Vaals
  • Contact: +31 610 456 160

Service and maintenance employee.

To expand our team, we are looking for an all-round Carpenter Service & Maintenance for the Parkstad and Vaals region. Preferably you are available for 40 hours a week. We also have opportunities as a self-employed person or part-time!

What does your day look like?

A day in the life of … a carpenter Service & Maintenance

At 08.00 hours you start your working day from home with great enthusiasm. You immediately look on your phone in the ‘Field Service App’ where you will go today to carry out small repair work, this is always a surprise! On the work slips, you can see which complaints the residents of the housing corporation have made. You pack your things and drive in your fully equipped company van to the first address.

You start at a resident’s house where the door has to be adjusted. Once there, you discover that the lock needs to be completely replaced and that the delivery time is one week. You call the office to make a follow-up appointment together with the resident. You process this in the ‘Field Service App’ and give the resident a status card with the appointments made. After this, you go to various addresses to replace sealant and to replace a lock. You see that new materials for your bus have to be ordered. You open the supplier’s app and order the right supplies. These are delivered to your office within a few days.

At 12.30pm, half an hour is reserved in the planning for your break. Since you are close to the office today, have lunch with your colleagues.

After the break, you will replace a kitchen worktop. Since you don’t shy away from small plumbing jobs, you also disassemble and reassemble the tap. In the meantime, you get a call from the office saying that there is an urgent job to be done. A resident has locked himself out because the key has been broken. You immediately get into your van and go to help this resident. Now that you’re there anyway, the resident wants you to do other jobs. Unfortunately, the policy does not allow you to do these chores. You are able to make this clear in a polite manner, which gives both of you a good feeling. After this, you go to several addresses for, among other things, small piecework and repairing tiles under a shower basin.

It is 16.45, the day has flown by and it is time to go home. You go home feeling satisfied and looking forward to coming back tomorrow. You take a look at the ‘Field Sales App’ to see where you will be working tomorrow. You see that you and a colleague have been scheduled for half a day at a resident’s house to install a loft ladder. There are also minor repairs on the agenda.

Job requirements:

You describe yourself as someone who is flexible and easy to get along with. You also see it as a challenge to solve as many common problems as possible yourself. Preferably experience as a carpenter or other construction specialist.

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