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Limburg Social Services

Limburg Social Services guarantees a high-quality offer and mediation. In addition to HRM services, you can contact us for the following services:
Recruitment and selection 
Through years of experience, Limburg Social Services proves to be an excellent player in the temporary employment market. Recruitment and selection of suitable personnel for the right projects and positions has proven to be a true specialism. This concerns projects of a very temporary nature and long-term projects.
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If a major project is planned, the production line is running at full speed or if you are temporarily short of people due to illness, we will be happy to help you with motivated flex workers. You do not have to indicate exactly in advance the period and the number of hours that you want this flex worker. As soon as you can no longer offer work, you can terminate the assignment. We take care of the administrative processing. 

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About Us

Are you looking to strengthen your workforce for a longer period of time without wanting to hire someone ‘for permanent’? 

We have a large database of qualified employees, who have more than proven themselves at various clients. They can be deployed on a secondment basis for a period to be agreed in advance. 

Limburg Social Services takes work off your hands by taking care of wage payments and remittances, while the employee can benefit from good secondary employment conditions and expert guidance. Continuity and quality are guaranteed in this way.