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Steel Fixer New Construction

  • Full Time
  • Limburg
  • Contact: +31 610 456 160

Steel Fixer New Construction

Job description

We are looking for an enterprising steel fixer to join our construction team. The responsibilities of the steel fixer include following engineering plans, using hand and power tools, cutting and bending steel bars and mesh, and connecting rebar with wire, clips, or welds to build-up sections.

To be a successful steel fixer, you should be able to read and interpret engineering plans and work according to those plans. Ultimately, a top-notch steel fixer should be physically fit and comfortable working outdoors in all weather types and at various heights.

Steel Fixer Responsibilities:

Reading and interpreting building and engineering plans and drawings.

Setting out work areas and determining the required materials.

Using hand and power tools to cut and bend steel bars and mesh.

Laying out steel bars, mesh, rods, and framework.

Hoisting steel bars, mesh, and reinforcements into place.

Fitting spacers and supports.

Joining steel reinforcement bars (rebar), footings, and girders by welding or with clips or wires.

Fixing steel bars and mesh to solid concrete bases.

Using rebar to build casts that will keep setting concrete in place.

Preparing concrete, mixing sand, cement, and water, and pouring the concrete into the prepared casts.

Steel Fixer Requirements:


Professional work experience in construction may be advantageous.

A good understanding of health and safety issues.

The ability to read and follow technical plans and drawings.

The ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions.

A head for heights.

Good physical fitness.

Strong practical and teamwork skills.

We offer

  • timely payment of salary
  • challenging painting with varied projects
  • if you function well you can continue to grow and you have a job for life
  • housing can be arranged if necessary

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